Kimia Academy treasures Persian Literature, Mysticism, Culture, and Arts. Our main goal is to educate people about valuable icons of Iranian culture by using academic methods.

Mission Statement:
Kimia Academy is committed to preserving and celebrating Persian Literature, Mysticism, Culture, and Arts. Our mission is to impart knowledge and foster understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Iran through rigorous academic methods. We aim to educate individuals globally about the significant figures and traditions that have shaped Iranian culture, promoting cultural appreciation and cross-cultural dialogue.

Vision Statement:
Kimia Academy envisions a world where Persian Literature, Mysticism, Culture, and Arts are widely recognized and valued. We aspire to be a leading institution known for excellence in Persian cultural education, providing accessible and engaging resources to a diverse audience. Our vision is to cultivate a global community that embraces and respects Iranian cultural contributions, fostering mutual respect and appreciation across borders. Through innovative educational initiatives and partnerships, we strive to ensure the enduring legacy and relevance of Iranian cultural heritage for generations to come.

  • Feast of Love (Mystical Monthly Sessions)

    One of the most original aspects of Iranian culture and civilization is mysticism. If one day, each country wants to give the world what it has created and is dear to it, Egypt would come up with its mathematics, France would bring its law, Germany would offer its industry, Britain comes with its subtlety and politics, and Iran offers its own literature and mysticism.

  • Kankash (Film Review)

    “Kankash” is a monthly private screening event showcasing Iranian films. The goal is to highlight authentic and well-crafted Iranian cinema, offering insights into the social and cultural issues and daily challenges faced by average Iranians.

  • Workshops

    At Kimia Academy of Persian Language and Literature, we hold academic workshops to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Persian linguistic and literary heritage. These workshops provide a dynamic and interactive platform for students, scholars, and enthusiasts to engage with the complexities of the Persian language, explore its rich literary traditions, and gain insights from leading experts in the field.