Kimia Academy of Persian Language and Literature is a home to showcase the introduction to Persian literature and culture, where listeners can discover and listen episodic series of their favorite subjects such as:

A) An Introduction to Persian culture and literar
B) A history of Persian language, literature, and poetry
C) Literary genres in Persian classical and modern poetry
D) Persian literature in world literature
E) Iranian Mysticism and its practical doctrine in today’s world



Bayazid Bastami
In this episode, we delve into the life and legacy of Bāyazīd Basṭāmī, a renowned Persian mystic from north-central Iran, revered by future Sufis and mystics as Sultān-ul-Ārifīn, meaning “King of all Mystics.” Join us as Dr. Maryam Sadeghi provides an in-depth exploration of Basṭāmī’s profound spiritual journey and enduring impact on mysticism. Tune in to learn more about this iconic figure’s contributions to Persian mysticism and his timeless influence on the spiritual world.



Omar Khayyam
In this episode, Dr. Maryam Sadeghi explores the life and legacy of one of Persia’s most celebrated figures. Omar Khayyam was not only a brilliant poet but also a renowned mathematician and philosopher. Known for his quatrains, or Rubaiyat, Khayyam’s poetry delves into profound themes of existence, fate, and the fleeting nature of life.



Vahshi Bafqi 
In this episode, titled “Exploring the Poetry and Legacy of Vahshi Bafghi,” we dive into the life and works of Vahshi Bafghi, one of Persia’s most esteemed poets. Known for his poignant and emotive verse, Vahshi Bafghi’s poetry captures the depth of human experience and the beauty of Persian literary tradition.




Welcome to the Kimia Academy podcast with Dr. Maryam Sadeghi. In this episode, titled “Timeless Teachings of Saadi,” we explore the profound contributions of Saadi, one of Persia’s most revered literary figures. Renowned for his works “Gulistan” and “Bustan,” Saadi’s writings offer timeless ethical insights and humanistic values that continue to resonate across cultures and eras. Join Dr. Sadeghi as she delves into Saadi’s life, examines his influential prose and poetry, and discusses his enduring legacy in both Persian literature and global thought.




Welcome to a special series on the Kimia Academy podcast, titled “Echoes of Divine Love: Selected Readings from Rumi’s Ghazaliyat-e Shams,” presented by Dr. Maryam Sadeghi. In these three consecutive episodes, we embark on a poetic journey through the mesmerizing verses of Rumi’s Ghazaliyat-e Shams. Rumi, the renowned Persian poet and mystic, deeply explores themes of love, spirituality, and the quest for divine union in his timeless collection. Whether you’re familiar with Rumi’s works or discovering them for the first time, prepare to be captivated by the profound wisdom and enduring beauty of Ghazaliyat-e Shams.




Welcome to the Kimia Academy podcast, “In the Realm of Shahriar: Persian Poetry Unveiled.” In this episode, we delve into the captivating world of Shahriar’s poetry. Shahriar, celebrated for his evocative verse and profound exploration of human emotions, enriches Persian literature with themes of love and longing. Join us as we unravel the poetic mastery of Shahriar, exploring the timeless beauty and cultural significance of his works. Whether you’re a seasoned admirer of Persian poetry or new to its enchanting realms, prepare to be immersed in the lyrical richness and poetic depth of Shahriar’s enduring legacy.