Time to Love: Screening and Review

Date: June 25, 2017

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Houston, Texas


Alireza Raeesian (Director of the movie)
Amin Hendiani (Kimia Academy Executive Manager)
Maryam Sadeghi (President of Kimia Academy)

On June 25, 2017, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Houston, Texas, hosted a special screening and review of the Iranian movie “Time to Love,” with the esteemed presence of its director, Alireza Raeesian. The event featured a thought-provoking panel discussion, including insights from Amin Hendiani, Executive Manager of Kimia Academy, and Maryam Sadeghi, President of Kimia Academy. Alireza Raeesian provided an in-depth look into the creative process behind the film, discussing its themes, production challenges, and artistic vision. The panelists offered their perspectives on the film’s cultural significance and its impact on contemporary Iranian cinema, making the evening an enriching experience for all attendees.

Photos of this seminar: