Here, you will discover a wealth of videos dedicated to introducing the eminent poets, mystics, and writers of Iran. Our collection features insightful profiles and discussions that illuminate the giants of Iranian literature and mysticism, highlighting their profound impact on Persian literary and cultural traditions. Each video delves into their life stories, poetic works, and enduring legacies, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of these influential figures who have shaped Persian literature through the ages.

Additionally, we offer a series of more than thirty animations titled “Short with the Great People,” which spotlight both Iranian and international scholars in the field of Persian literature and culture. These animations serve as educational resources, shedding light on the scholarly contributions and intellectual achievements of individuals dedicated to advancing the study and appreciation of Persian language and literature worldwide. Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply passionate about Persian culture, our videos and animations are designed to enrich your knowledge and appreciation of this rich and diverse heritage. Explore our YouTube channel and delve into the captivating world of Persian literature and culture through visual storytelling and scholarly insights.